Remains of the Day: Musings of Singaporean Photographer Tay Kay Chin

Shifting our spotlight to Singapore, Hasselblad Master of the World Photographer Tay Kay Chin is an active member of the photographic community in his country. Known for works that are patriotic, he is also known for his mastery of conveying stories through photographs.

Let us look closely at his photo series called Remains of the Day which is his musings on human mortality.

Remains of the Day is the result of pondering about mortality but takes it a bit further by asking the question "What will you leave behind?"

Tay Kay Chin's photos explore this topic by capturing remnants of moments, inanimate objects, and even deceased creatures in gritty yet poetic photographs. The series showcase his perspective in clear snaps.

Tay Kay Chin's narrative for the photo series shares some insight on his thought process:

"When I approached the start of middle age a few years ago, the big word called Mortality hangs heavily over my shoulders, my neck, and need I say, my heart. One day, not too long ago, I did a rough calculation to determine my remaining time on earth, and based on life expectancy of a typical Singapore Chinese Male, I have about 25 years left, if I were to live till 75. And so I wonder more and more about the big question – “What should I leave behind?” But is it just a question of should? No, not really. I realized, as soon as I (re)discovered that life is cheap, that everyday, I am making an imprint, if not a few. Some are more permanent, others superficial. The photographs I make are nothing but Remains of the Day. I am, or will be, also nothing but Remains of the Day."

Tay Kay Chin is also a vocal advocate of photography and very active with the promotion of photography studies in Singapore. You can check out more of his work and projects on his website.

written by crissyrobles on 2018-08-14 #culture

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