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New York based photographer Eric Soucy shared with us some of his latest work using the LomoChrome Purple and Lomography 400 Color Film. His photos are sharp moments of nature and reality. Exploring subjects of landscape and portraiture. We got to speak with Eric about his work and introduction to photography.

Hi Eric, welcome to the magazine, tell us about yourself?

Hi! My name is Eric Soucy and I am a photographer based out of New York City. I grew up in Massachusetts and since then have traveled and lived all over. I mostly shoot film with a Yashica 124 G Mat, Canon AE-1, Olympus PEN D, Yashica T4, and a bunch more.

How would you define yourself as a photographer?

I really love taking photos that are of genuine candid moments, and I am always attracted to very sharp/interesting lighting. I always have my camera with me because the best photos happen when you least expect them.

How'd you get introduced to photography?

I got introduced to photography when I was touring in a band 9 months a year. My friend Nick sold me a film camera for 15 dollars that he had found at a thrift shop. Ever since that day I have always had a camera with me and I am always shooting and constantly discovering more about photography and myself.

Who or what are your influences?

This may sound sort of cheesy but Vivian Maier really inspired me a lot because when I got my first camera she was the first photographer I learned about. I loved her work and her style of capturing people in a raw moment. I think the best photos are from an actual moment in time and not posed or interrupted with the idea of a camera changing the situation. My brother Rob also inspired me a lot with my photography, he has always been super creative and very helpful whenever I had any questions about anything. He instilled a lot of confidence within me and I always think of him when asked who my influences are.

How'd you first hear about Lomography, how'd you like working with the 400 ISO Color Film and LomoChrome Purple Film?

I first heard of Lomography on the Internet when I started seeing all these film photos that had bizarre colors. I immediately was drawn to the company for its unique products. I really loved the LomoChrome Purple film because when used in the right moment it can take a photo and turn it into something you never thought possible. When that film seamlessly blends with the light it creates an amazing image. The 400 ISO color film was great as well because it offers a different spin on your image. Lomography creates a product that’s different and fun and easy to use.

What attracts you to film?

I shoot both digital and film but film captures a real moment in time. When you shoot film you can capture certain things digital can't, like very deep contrasts and extreme light flares. I also am addicted to the wait period during processing. There is something special about waiting for your film to be developed and scanned because you have permanent mental images of the things you saw through the viewfinder. It is definitely disappointing when an image comes back that didn’t turn out as you pleased but there’s always an image you least expected to be your new favorite on that same roll.

What do you think makes a great photo?

I think what makes a great photo is honesty. I think you can tell when a photo is genuine because of where the photographer was at that time. For fashion I think a great photo is something that takes a risk that isn’t super editorial cookie cutter. I believe that anyone can take a great photo you just have to grab a camera and open your mind and you will see great photos all around you.

If you had to give out some advice to budding photographers, what would it be?

I think the best advice I can give is to not be afraid to spend money or take risks. Don’t be scared to buy a new camera or a new roll of film and just test shoot it. Everyone is so scared of wasting money on a roll of film or a new camera. It will never feel like a waste as long as you’re happy and you’re exercising your creativity and documenting history.

You can view more of Eric's work on his Instagram and Website.
The LomoChrome Purple and Lomography 400 Color Film are both available on our Lomography Online Shop.

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  1. robertquietphotographer
    robertquietphotographer ·

    Nice photos, well done. I specially like the one with the man looking at the sea toward the reminds me of David Caspar Friedrich "Chalk Cliffs on Rügen"

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