Monday Moodboard: Summer Solstice

By the time summer comes around, the plants and flowers are already in bloom, the skies cloudless and rainless. It's broad daylight from here on out. You know what that means? It means more motivation to get up from your bed and savor the first days of summertime. It's also the perfect time to do film photography, with the ample light source you'll have, plus all the fun activities to do outside!

Feast your eyes with this Monday Moodboard, then get up and stretch those bones, you've got a whole day ahead of you!

Credits: locutus, japsix, original_j2, _haustor, grad, karenina89, pzzzenguin, lawypop, mafiosa, ariannapaloma, emilios, svenevs, neja & jeabzz

2018-06-25 #culture #summer #monday-moodboard

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