First Impressions: Brian Bruno with The Diana Instant Square

Avid film photographer and innovator, Brian Bruno was gifted the new Diana Instant Square to test out. We got a chance to speak with him about the new camera and his thoughts on it. Including insight into new projects, his process and love for film.

Hi Brian, welcome back! The last time we spoke, you were exploring your project with photo collages using the Lomo'Instant Square, have you continued doing that, if so what are your new experiences?

I have and like to do one or two when I shoot. I'm planning on making some bigger ones too.

You've worked frequently with instant photography, what attracts you to instant film and cameras?

I really like the immediate image but also gives a totally different look than any other film format such as 35mm & 120mm.

What kind of narratives or stories do you like to build with your photographs?

I like to build a organic, natural story. A lot of times I like to go into a shoot or location without knowing much about it and just use all a location and subject has to offer.

How do you go about choosing your models, your muse Audrey has such a beautiful and unique look to her, what do you look for when casting?

Audrey is truly the best muse I could ever ask for. I like all kinds of models. I don’t have certain look I’m looking for, some of the best people I have photographed haven’t even been models but just wanted me to shoot them.

Take us through your process of making a shoot, what do you look for, do you go in with a plan or just kind of roll with it?

When it’s just a random shoot I kind of just roll with it, which comes with my organic process of shooting. If it’s more specific shoot there will be more planning involved.

What was your experience working with The Diana Instant Square, how does it compare to some of the other instant cameras you've worked with?

I enjoyed the camera because I feel like it’s one of the more experimental instant cameras out there with different lenses and accessories.

What about the square format do you enjoy?

It’s finally a instax film that I like with it being close to the polariod film size. I just enjoy images in square format.

How do you see yourself using The Diana Instant Square?

To switch up my shoots with some more dreamy shots that I won’t be able to achieve with my other cameras. I also like how this camera is nothing like Lomo'Instant Square and is it’s own tool.

What advice can you give to new users of The Diana Instant Square?

Have a blast with experimenting!

You can see more of Brian's work on his Instagram

You can also donate to our Kickstarter for The Diana Instant Square!

written by sarahlindsayk on 2018-07-06 #gear

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Diana Instant Square

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