First Impressions: Kenneth Bachor with the Diana Instant Square

NYC based photographer Kenneth Bachor seems to be a jack of all trades when it comes to photography. Shooting a variety of subjects, he seems to hold his own style throughout them all. Kenneth shot some photos with the new Diana Instant Square and spoke with us about his first impressions.

Hi Kenneth, welcome to the magazine! Tell us, what projects have you been working on lately?

Fulltime, I'm freelancing as a photo editor at The Wall Street Journal, so in my free time I like to work on projects that aren't necessarily news-driven, as a creative outlet. Mostly I've been shooting musicians, skaters, artists, urban youth, and some different film projects I hope to show down the road.

You work with such a variety of subjects from live music shows to portraiture to street photography, what gratifies you to each of those subjects?

I like subjects that have a good energy and creative vibe, that are in the moment and images that are timeless. I want to be interested by what I'm shooting and make a dope creative collaboration.

You've worked a lot with instant photography before, what attracts you to that medium?

I love instant film photography, because you don't know exactly how the image will look, then you get to see it a few minutes later, versus having to wait a long time for the film to be processed. It's fun and is a great way to mix up a photo shoot, or it's something nice to shoot and share with friends and family as a memento.

What was it like working the the Diana Instant Square?

It was great! Definitely one of the better new instant cameras I've used recently. The functionality was easy to use and it was fun to play with.

You had to work with a square format, how'd that change your compositional thinking?

The square format is great, because it gives you a little more room versus Fuji Instax Mini film. It gave me a lot more opportunity to capture images that I wanted to.

What is it about the Diana Instant Square that you think parts from other instant cameras you've worked with?

I think the Diana Instant Square is different than other instant cameras on the market, because it's a version of the classic Diana camera that people love, but in instant form. That trademark lo-fi film look is what makes this camera unique.

Where do you see yourself using the camera?

I definitely picture throwing this camera in my backpack and taking it around with me while I'm out and about, or on shoots. The size is easily transportable.

What advice would you give to new users of the Diana Instant Square?

I'd say to shoot a quick test pack of film and try it in different scenarios first, whether it be on a sunny day at the beach, or inside with flash. Just bring it with you and have fun, a camera is a tool meant to be used!

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