Last Leica M3 Ever Produced Fetches a Pretty Price

The last Leica M3 rolled out of the factory in 1966 and now, it can find its new home for an amount that can make even the deepest pockets pop out. Leica Rumors rang the bell as they spotted this ultra rare find on eBay. Setadel Studios is selling the last Leica M3 ever produced for a staggering amount of $595,000. And no, you're not seeing two zeroes too many. That's really the price this unique camera is going for.

Leica M3 © 35mmc

This Leica M3 with production serial number 1164865 is still waiting for the right buyer (at the time of this writing). Their listing says that this unique albeit expensive piece of camera history comes in brand new condition as if it just left the Leica factory. It is complete with service card, box, foam fittings, and caps and also comes with a letter of authenticity from Leica and the original matching order number from its original owner.

© Setadel Studios

A lot of people consider the Leica M3 as the best camera that Leica ever made and the eBay listing made sure to include that in the product description. It's also the best-selling Leica camera of all time due to its excellent design and remarkable build quality. Up to now, many collectors still look at the M3 as one of the most desirable cameras in the market — a fine product of camera craftsmanship that's worthy of admiration and even a hefty price tag.

Photos taken by our community with the Lecia M3

As expensive as it is, it won't be a complete surprise if this last production Leica M3 gets picked up by an avid fan or collector. It has all the makings of a great find as it holds great historic value, camera heritage, and beautiful aesthetics.

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