Dreamy Days: Lomographers on Shooting with the Diana F+


Over the years, the Diana F+ has proven its rightful place as the queen of lo-fi photography. Aside from its retro design and the dreamy photographs it produces, what makes this charming camera an enduring analogue icon? Let's hear it from another batch of devoted Diana F+ shooters:

10 years of wonderful images and insightful tales inspired us to open a new chapter to the ever-colorful history of the Diana F+. We're excited to see the magical memories you'll capture in an instant with the Diana Instant Square!

Can't get enough of the Diana F+? Discover what other Lomographers have to say and don't forget to share your own Diana stories in the comments below!

2018-07-08 #videos


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  2. icequeenubia
    icequeenubia ·

    Thank you for sharing your insights! @motagirl2 @adi_totp @lawypop @grifter @-dakota- @craigramsden @mephisto19 @dopa @tashbar @prisca_31

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    @icequeenubia It was a pleasure :D

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    @icequeenubia thank you :D

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