Spotlight: Malaysian Lomographer Teik Quan Chan (@tomkiddo)

Malaysian Lomographer Teik Quan Chan (@tomkiddo) is one of our most active community members. He had a quick chat with the Lomography Asia Pacific team about his interesting LomoHome content and notable work with the Lomography Redscale Film.

Credits: tomkiddo

How did you become a Lomographer?

I bought my first film camera when I was 15. It was a plastic camera, a Holga 135 BC. It was my brother who encouraged me to try out film photography. After seeing what I could do with it, I was hooked. I also like to experiment, that is why I chose film photography over digital photography. It is more ‘bendable’ compared to digital photography.

Can you share with us your favorite album? Why is it your favorite?

The Flawed and Beautiful taken with my Holga camera is my favorite album:

I shot this photo series a few years ago, when I was 16. It is very precious to me, a very personal piece. I grew up as an angsty teenager with really bad mental health. At 16, as it was getting better, I took the chance to showcase what mental illness would be like visually with the help of the dreamy eyes of the Holga. In a way, I was trying to tell the world that it is okay to be flawed, to be imperfect.

Any tips about using the Holga 120 CFN?

Shoot B&W with it! The vignette that comes with the Holga makes your B&W shots look really, really good. Also, try shooting indoors, play with long exposure. Your pictures will look like paintings!

We also saw your really cool work with the Lomography Redscale Film. Can you share with us your insights about the film?

This film is one of my favourites from Lomography, but also the most difficult to shoot. I remember failing terribly shooting my first roll, most of the pictures turned out underexposed. But after getting to know what it was capable of producing and how to properly shoot it, I fell in love with it. Very experimental, very challenging. Just how I like it.

Credits: tomkiddo

Any tips on using the Lomography Redscale Film?

Try to overexpose your shot a tiny bit, it will give your picture a dreamy effect! Also, I suggest shooting outdoors in bright sunlight. It loves the sun.

Anything you want to say to Lomographers out there?

Experiment. Do not be afraid of breaking the rules. There is no right or wrong. Even if there is, do wrong. You will be surprised by what turns out.

Give Chan some Lomo love and check out his Lomohome: @tomkiddo.


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