Recap: "From Me to Me" by Valine Brana

NYC based photographer Valine Brana showcased her work From Me to Me at our NYC Gallery Store. Showcasing a wide variety of sharp photographs ranging in subject between portraiture, landscape and street, it seems that Valine's eye is trained to identify the small yet beautiful things in life.

Valine describes From Me to Me as: "A collection of a year's worth of shooting random things on 35mm film. There was no theme in mind when shooting these but after looking through all the images collectively, I found a style. 'From Me to Me' is a personal project about my growth in photography within a year of shooting film."

As the title suggests, the photographs almost reflect as a personal diary. A world seen and viewed through her eyes and presented to us as this giant collective. Working primarily 35mm film, including our own LomoChrome Purple, the film provides a sharp look with vibrant colors. Creating this almost out of this world kind of observation of even tiny things like skin tone.

We're excited to see where From Me to Me continues. I'd be amazing to see this continue almost in a "Boyhood" like fashion, coming back to the project over time and assessing it's new work. Keep it up Valine!

You can view more of Valine's work on her Instagram and Website

written by sarahlindsayk on 2018-07-09 #culture

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