The Diana Instant Square Camera


Looking back at the past can give you a clear view of the future. The original Diana camera from the 1960s made us all dream of a beautiful analogue life filled with exciting lo-fi images — an experience that’s worth sharing with the people we love. Now, we are continuing the iconic Diana legacy with an all-new camera that will paint your world with different shades of analogue magic.

The Diana Instant Square is designed to deliver punchy colors, soft vignetting, and wonderful analogue effects to the realm of instant square photography. Much like the Diana of old — but with a more modern approach — the Diana Instant Square will drench your instant square prints with remarkable effects every time. Each print will be delightfully unique!

We aim to bring you total creative freedom with the Diana Instant Square. From aperture to focus its fully manual so you can craft a frame to suit your style. We've had some great results so far experimenting with features like Bulb and Multiple Exposure modes, as well as all six of the lenses already created for the Diana F+. The Diana Instant Square also comes with a hot shoe adapter that lets you use different flash attachments with ease! Filling the frames of your Instax square film has never been more satisfying.

Vignetting is undoubtedly one of the Diana’s most iconic traits. With the new Diana Instant Square, you can influence the amount of vignetting you get in your images super easily. Stronger vignettes call for a higher aperture and a more up-close shooting style with a longer focal length lens. If you’re after cleaner images with subtle vignettes, all you have to do is lower the aperture and step back while using a shorter focal length. The included 75 mm lens will also give you gentle vignetting in your images. To bring the vignette effect up a notch, you can also try shooting on a bright, sunny day with a stepped down aperture while getting up close to your subject.

Photos by Rob Detoyato & Florine Garcin

Being the life of the party has always been part of the analogue way of life. The Diana Instant Square isn’t just easy on the eyes, it’s also easy to bring along with you wherever you go. It’s fun form factor makes it an easy choice for parties and get togethers, not to mention it has a selfie mirror so you can take self-portraits with friends and loved ones.

To add more to the instant square photography experience, we also made sure that all Diana+ lenses and accessories like the Diana flash can be used with the new Diana Instant Square. Mix and match your way shooting experience with the 38 mm super wide-angle lens, the 110 mm telephoto lens, and the 55 mm lens and close-up lens and have a blast!

The original Diana had a style that was uniquely its own, that’s why we chose to stick to its elegant aesthetic that w've all come to know and love. The new Diana Instant Square features the signature Diana shutter button so shooting feels more natural and intuitive. We also adopted the iconic blue and black design and paired it with the original Diana shutter button to give the Diana Instant Square an extra dash of nostalgia and retro feel. And if that wasn't enough, we even created another special edition which is clad in beautiful brown leather and accented with gorgeous blue panels. We hope you love both as much as we do!

Diana Instant Square Technical Specifications

Film Format: Fujifilm Instax Square Film
Film Size: 86mm x 72mm
Exposure Area: 62mm x 62mm
Shutter Speed: N (1/60), B (Bulb Mode, Unlimited)
Aperture: Manual settings, cloudy (f/11), partly sunny (f/19), sunny (f/32), pinhole (f/150)
Film Ejection Mechanism: Motorized
Multiple Exposures: Unlimited
Flash: Diana F+ Flash (with adapter, included in package), hot shoe (with adapter, included in package)
Interchangeable Lens Mount: Diana F+ bayonet mount
Focal Length of Kit Lens: 75mm
Zone Focusing Setting (kit lens): 1-2m/2-4m/4m-infinity
Tripod Mount: Yes
Selfie Mirror: Yes
Viewfinder: Reverse-Galilean, detachable
Battery Supply: 4x AA batteries - please note that batteries are not included
Filter Thread Diameter on 75mm kit lens: 30.5 x 0.75

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