Postcards from Paradise — Shooting Tips with the LC-Wide


Days get longer during the summer, and all this extra daylight is ideal for shooting picture-perfect moments. Capture summery details like bright blue skies, sunset gradients and water reflections and have your photos printed as postcards. Then you can send them to family and friends as sweet keepsakes of your fondest sun-soaked memories!

The Lomo LC-Wide is one of our favorite picks for this season. Small, easy to use and compact, this 35 mm camera is comes with a super sharp, wide-angle 17 mm lens, which is exactly what you need to catch all the details in one shot. If you're new to this awesome point-and-shooter, here's some eye candy for inspiration!

Credits: jennson

Shadowy Silhouettes

When the sun dips into the horizon, it's your cue to take some shadowy figures on the beach. This is excellent if you're trying to catch a dramatic or serene mood. If the sun is blazing brightly, shoot with the light behind your subject and you'll capture some fantastic silhouettes like these.

Credits: ah_sher, wil6ka & an4

Cool Down with the Blues

Take advantage of the bluest skies, seafoam greens, and cool pool reflections. Blues and greens bring a fresh punch to images warmed by the sizzling sunshine. And if you’re feeling adventurous and you want to dive down deep underwater (we’re talking as far as 65 ft kinda-deep!), slip your Lomo LC-Wide into a Krab Housing so that you can shoot some fantastic under-the-sea scenes!

Credits: neja, natalieerachel, gepo1303, poepel & jennson

Go Wide and Up Close

The Lomo LC-Wide 17 mm lens makes shooting both sprawling landscapes and close-ups a breeze. With two distance settings to choose from, you can easily switch if you want to capture sweeping scenes or get as close as 0.4m to your subject.

Credits: fruchtzwerg_hh, bravebird & vicuna

Summertime, and the livin' is easy... and that's how taking pictures should be, too. So get your Lomo LC-Wide from our Online Shop or from one of our worldwide Gallery Store today! And don’t forget to share your shots by uploading them to your LomoHome!

2018-07-08 #gear

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