Brand New Mystery Product — Clue #2


There are just a few short days to go until we unveil our brand new product, but we thought we’d give you one more clue to get those creative cogs turning.

Some lucky Lomographers got a sneak peek at our brand new mystery product. Watch the video and see if you can figure out what they’re talking about!

Think you know what we’ll be launching into the analogue universe on 20 June 2018? Remind yourself of the first clue, compare guesses with other creatives in the comments, and don’t miss the big reveal!

2018-06-18 #gear #news #videos #lomojune20


  1. lomodesbro
    lomodesbro ·

    mulri pinhole 6 x 9 camera

  2. 645fan
    645fan ·

    Would love it to be a new 120 film, but doubt it is :(

  3. jaunman
    jaunman ·

    Instax square back for Diana F

  4. cabreb
    cabreb ·

    Definitely some instant thing, look at the homepage 🤔

  5. eskodisk
    eskodisk ·

    Mmm... Tension is rising....

  6. poglad
    poglad ·

    Undoubtedly, it's an Instax Square back for the Diana - or, a dedicated Instax Square Diana. Bizarrely, all of my Instax Back pics taken with the Diana have come out MUCH better than any of the 'clever' auto-exposure photos from the LI-A and Lomo'Instant, so I think they could be onto a winner if they make sure all the existing attachments still work.

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