A Psychological Journey: At Night by Yoon A Mi

Young South Korean photographer Yoon A Mi stages self portraits and multiple exposures for her photo series At Night which explores the psychological "shadow side" each of us have.

© Yoon A Mi

Noted as bright, fresh, and exciting, Yoon A Mi's work was presented at Daegu Photo Biennale 2014. She used multiple exposure for each image and mindfully took each photo in dreamlike states, creating an output that is both raw and surreal.

© Yoon A Mi

Jim Casper from Lens Culture shares his thoughts as he was first introduced to the photographer through this work:

"The characters represent two sides of herself — a respectable young member of society, but also as the dark inner-side of unconscious desires often referred to as the shadow side of a person’s psychology. These two characters interact in playful tension with each other (much like an argument with one’s self) — sometimes tormented and fighting, sometimes celebratory and in pleasant company with each other despite the inner tension and uncertainty."
"This intriguing series captures the psychological states of ego, super ego and id all in one person — as well as acceptance of conflicting ideas and desires within ourselves. It is fresh, fun, artful, intelligent and thought-provoking art."
© Yoon A Mi

View the full At Night series here and visit Yoon A Mi's website for more of her distinct work.

written by crissyrobles on 2018-08-12

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