Meet the NuBox 1, the Modern Box Camera


When you see a box camera, you may think of something that’s totally retro, vintage, and outdated. That’s a normal reaction. After all, the box camera was one of the earliest camera designs. But that might just change with the NuBox 1.

NuBox 1 by Hamm Camera

The NuBox 1 is Hamm Camera Company’s new take on the classic box camera. They reinvented the simple photographic device and created something that fits just right in today’s modern world. The NuBox 1 is a new box camera that features interchangeable lens cartridges, a fixed shutter speed of 1/200 second for quicker exposures, and apertures that run from f/5.6 to f/32 that shoot with medium format 6x9 film.

NuBox 1 by Hamm Camera

A quick rundown of the specs of the NuBox 1 shows that its interchangeable cartridges include lenses for standard, wide, and telephoto views. It’s lightweight and durable as well due to its plastic construction. Hamm Camera Company opted to use 3D printing to produce their new line of colorful box cameras.

NuBox 1 by Hamm Camera

It’s really a mixture of old and new, classic and modern. The NuBox 1 pays homage to an age of photography that’s long gone but has eyes set forward to the future. Hamm Camera Company took an old design and improved on it, used better materials and components to give film photographers (both beginner and advanced) a choice to express themselves in their own unique ways. Props to Hamm Camera Company for taking an old design and improving on it. It’s easy see that they’re big fans of film photography. After all, their work shows it. Indeed, the box is back with the NuBox 1.

All information used in this article was sourced from Hamm Camera.

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  2. lizkoppert
    lizkoppert ·

    Got one coming! In yellow, with standard and wide angle lenses, and a thingee for camera strap. Backer 248 can't wait (to get it).

  3. dermanu
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    I am very curious about this little gem. BTW there is a new kickstarter project out from HammCamera for a little DIY pinhole cam. Check it out!

  4. lizkoppert
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    Still waiting for it...

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