Stunning Lo-Fi Photography with the Diana Instant Square


In some ways, the appeal of lo-fi imagery stems back to the classic Diana camera from the 1960’s. A handful of underground New York photographers in the 1980s decided to deviate from from the customary — and indeed highly sought after — sharpness that had come to characterise modernism. Instead they embraced lo-fi analogue effects, in pursuit of imagery reminiscent of soft-focus Pictorialism. The unconventional ‘‘toy camera’’ of its day, the Diana camera soon became responsible for a wide-reaching photography subculture.

Fast forward to the twenty-first-century and — with the unstoppable rise of analogue photography — our new Diana Instant Square is set to play an exciting role in the continued popularity of dreamy analogue photography. Except now, you won’t have to wait to see the unmistakable charm of the classic Diana camera: you can print your dreamy shots in seconds! We’re super siked about our latest instant innovation, so we put together a few creative tips for you to try with your very own Diana Instant Square.

Photo by Phyllis Chan

Classic Vignetting

Vignettes are one of the most iconic qualities of lo-fi photography. They occur when there is a reduction of brightness at the edge of a photo frame. They’re easy to spot in vintage photo booths as dark halos develop around the subject. Lots of photographers use apps and programs to create this classic look, but with the click of the Diana Instant Square's shutter button, you too can effortlessly achieve the antique aesthetic. Use the hot-shoe flash for even more dramatic shadowy effects!

Photos by Mitchell Wojcik and Mirella Cardoso

Softer Focusing

Soft focus imagery became one of the standards of Pictorialism, but to be able to achieve the coveted dreamy look, many artists are forced to go lens-less. Besides all of the great features it shares with its plastic predecessors like multiple exposure, long exposures and more, the Diana Instant Square also comes with pinhole capability too — so you can nail your own soft-focus masterpieces in an instant.

Photos by Sam, Rob Detoyato, Jimmy Cheng

Happy Accidents

If you love happy accidents like light leaks and unexpected textures, the Diana Instant Square will be a brilliant creative bedfellow. With it's unpredictable images, drenched in gorgeous analogue imperfections and distinctive lo-fi grain, our brand new box of instant magic was built for free spirits.

Photos by Phyllis Chan, Danny, Mitchell Wojcik

The hell with perfection — freedom for photography!

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  1. cabreb
    cabreb ·

    Here is stated that there is a pinhole function, and it is stated also in other articles. But isn't the pinhole function a stretch goal in the Kickstarter campaign? What if the goal is not reached? 🤔

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