The Beat Scene - Photographs by Burt Glinn

Burt Glinn was an American photographer and member of the iconic photography agency MAGNUM Photos. He also served as MAGNUM president between 1972 and 1975, and was re-elected again in 1987. Apart from being a US Army Veteran, Glinn also saw action abroad as a photographer. Glinn covered different conflicts throughout his lifetime including the Sinai War, the US Marine invasion of Lebanon and Fidel Castro’s take over of Cuba.

Writers Allen Ginsburg, Gregory Corso, and Barney Rossett, owner of the publishing house Grove Press in Washington Square Park © Burt Glinn/MAGNUM Photos

While he had been a witness to some tremendous events, Glinn also saw first hand the flowering of a new literature movement in New York. The new book title “The Beat Scene” contains both black and white and color photographs that capture the life, rhythm, and poetry of the Beat Generation. It will be the first book ever published that features color shots of the Beat poets and artists.

The Beat Scene, Kerouac wearing beatnik unifrom - dark glasses and a beret © Burt Glinn/MAGNUM Photos

Glinn was right in the middle of the Beat revolution — taking photos of well-known Beat poets like Jack Kerouac, Alain Ginsberg, LeRoi Jones, and Lawrence Feringhetti to name a few. The book displays Glinn’s knack for social documentary and skill with the camera.

© Burt Glinn/MAGNUM Photos

The Beat Scene, Photographs by Burt Glinn comes with a short essay written by Kerouac titled “And This Is The Beat Nightlife of New York.” The essay was found along with the archived photos of Glinn. The book was edited by Tony Nourmand and Michael Shulman.

We would like to thank Chloe Sherard of Lisa Baker LTD for supplying the images. Information used in this article was sourced from Magnum Photos, Real Art Press, and Art Book.

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