Introducing F²/400 120 Film — Extremely Limited Quantities Available!


Lomographers, have we got a surprise for you. In 2010, we bought an exclusive jumbo roll of film and tucked it away to age like a fine wine. When we reopened it, we knew we’d made the right choice: X-Pro feel, gorgeous Tungsten overtones… good things come to those who wait. Our Color Negative F²/400 35 mm sold out in hours, and it looked like the end of the road for our gorgeous new emulsion. Now, though, we need to make a little confession — the film still exists, and it’s waiting for you in 120 format! Meet our latest rescued film rarity: Color Negative F²/400 120 Film.

Photos by Devin Blaskovich

So what's the deal? Why is this brand new film so exciting? Well, it's cut from the very last roll of a legendary film that we left to mature for eight whole years. It was a risky move, but you know what we're like — we can never resist an experiment. Thankfully, when we went back to check, we found that our film had retained all of its refined colors and gained extra special new tones. It's sprinkled with hints of the characteristic X-Pro aesthetic and produces beautiful blueish tones in certain shooting conditions. It's unlike any other Color Negative film on the planet, and we're so excited to share it with you!

Photos by Ryan Razon & Tat Tso

There's an extremely limited amount of this fantastic film available, though, so you'll have to be quick! Head to our Online Shop now before it's too late.

written by marthareed on 2018-06-06 #gear #news

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