The Flash-Less Way of Shooting Indoor Instants


It used to be that — in order to shoot sharp instant indoors or in dimly-lit situations — you had to use a flash to achieve decent results. At times this can be quite limiting because not everybody likes the look of harsh lighting in their photos — especially if you're trying to capture a certain mood with ambient lighting. But instant photography has come a long way and now instant photographers have the creative advantage to shoot indoors or during nighttime without the need for flash, thanks to the Lomo'Instant Automat.

Credits: lomography, kleeblatt, systemdevice & lafilledeer

With the Bulb Mode on and your Lomo'Instant Automat safely secured with atripod or steady surface, you have the creative freedom to enjoy flash-less instant photography. Faces kissed by the afternoon glow, streets lit in neon, or still-life subjects draped by natural sunlight — you can do it all!

Credits: annalisa-gaeta87, kleeblatt & lomography

On Bulb Mode, you can shoot long exposures of up to 30 seconds, so take a deep breath and let the light sink in! To ensure your shots are sharp (aside from using a tripod), the lens cap also doubles as a remote, so you can shoot long exposures without worrying about accidentally moving your camera. Brilliant, eh?

Credits: -dakota-, sobetion & pinkbutterfly

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