Slide into Summer with La Sardina Camera!

Summertime is starting to sizzle. It’s time to head outside and start taking snapshots of your adventures with friends! Let's face it, it is still very intriguing to see someone shoot with a film camera. When you whip out your camera, people will curiously stare, so make it worth their while with La Sardina.

Credits: anagorgulho

La Sardina is super cute with its sardine can-inspired style. And if you're the type who likes to switch up your looks all the time, you can give your La Sardina and Flash DIY Edition a cool makeover with eye-catching La Sardina Dresses.

Credits: jeansman, cornborn, mikeydavies & b0rn2b1ush

La Sardina isn’t just beautiful on the outside. It’s equipped with a 22 mm wide-angle lens that's great for group pictures and scenic views. Plus, you can use the Multiple Exposure mode to shoot double or multiple exposures. There's a Bulb setting for long exposures, too!

Credits: anagorgulho

With its stunning design and creative features, you're all set for a super summer with La Sardina! Get yours now from our Online Shop or a Gallery Store near you. Don't forget to share your sunkissed shots on your LomoHome!


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Lomography La Sardina

Lomography La Sardina

Shaped like a humble sardine can, the La Sardina is packed with tremendously fun features. It shoots regular 35mm film, has a wide-angle lens and features a rewind dial so you can turn back frames at any time you want. Available in all kinds of designs, discover an ocean of analogue possibilities with the La Sardina today!

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