Found in Translation: A Time for Sólarfrí

Just when you're expecting to continue your weekday routine, a happy accident happens. The Internet in the office got cut, maybe the computer's malfunctioning or there's no electricity! Or maybe your boss is in a good mood today and let you take some hours off the clock. So you step out of your cubicle and head outside, basking under the summer sun.

Friends, this is what sólarfrí is.

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Sólarfrí is a word from the Icelandic language, meaning 'sun vacation'. Iceland Magazine defined sólarfrí as:

“When staff gets an unexpected day or afternoon off to enjoy a particularly sunny and warm day. A reason to celebrate indeed. Literally, it means ‘sun-vacation’.”

For Icelanders going to office buildings, it may be possible to see a sign posted with the word sólarfrí. No more words or explanations needed, this means you're privileged to spend the entire day out in the sun. It happens spontaneously, and how we wish work cultures around the world practice sólarfrí as well! Imagine being able to strut along the streets on weekdays, mesmerizing yourself with others' affairs of their daily lives. Or how about visiting a nearby park or forest and just getting lost in it? Just have an entire day of fun under the sun.

For the free-spirited Lomographer in you, it's the perfect time to bring your camera with you for outdoor photography. Take your closest co-workers with you and do a mini-photoshoot. A well-spent sólarfrí indeed.

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2018-06-23 #culture #found-in-translation #solarfri

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