The Franken-Camera Project by Kevin Strandberg

Kevin Strandberg is a creator by nature. Broken camera parts and components may hinder others but not him. Instead of looking at the broken pieces and seeing trash, he transforms them into one-of-a-kind pieces. He is a professor of sculpture, photography, and glass. He is also the director of the Ames School of Art. His cameras and other work have been exhibited all over the United States.

© Magnorama

Strandberg’s drive to create things with his hands led to the Franken-Camera Project. It’s a collection of beautifully crafted cameras made from different broken camera parts and other unlikely pieces. The Franken-Camera name was actually coined by his students, with reference to the classic tale of Dr. Frankenstein.

© Magnorama

A self-confessed tinkerer, Strandberg lets his creativity loose and displays his craftsmanship with great enthusiasm. The cameras he made aren’t just a study in function, they’re also an exercise in art. Strandberg sees his cameras as sculptures. He expresses his love for the art with every component he attaches, with every piece of wood carves he adds character to his camera.

Kevin Strandberg and his Franken-Camera Project © David Proeber via The Pantagraph

Some of the cameras in Strandberg's Franken-Camera Project include a diptych-cam, a panoramic camera, and a large format camera. Nothing goes to waste in the professor's workshop. The re-purposed camera parts combine together to bring forth a special functional piece. At the heart of each camera lies a high quality glass optic lens that makes it equally stylish and functional. He's also written a book about his cameras and the images taken with them.

Information used in the article was sourced from Illinois Wesleyan University Magazine, Magnorama, and Washington Times.

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