Lomographers on the Enduring Charm of the Diana F+


A decade has passed since the Diana F+ made its entrance to the analogue world. It has become an analogue icon for its dreamy photographs framed in distinct vignetting and other unpredictable yet charming effects. Aside from its unique, lo-fi aesthetics, what makes the Diana F+ a keeper? We asked a few devoted Lomographers to share their stories with this darling camera.

Credits: williambelow

How would you define the Diana F+?

“Ethereal, sunny, poetic, surprising.” - @juan-rod
“Inspiring, multi-faceted, unique, charismatic.” - @schlogoat
Credits: awesomesther, juan-rod & schlogoat
“Versatile, light, fun, cool.”- @linuxbcn
“Dreamy, beauty, childhood, nostalgia.” - @irbypace
“Plastic, dynamic, peculiar, complex.” - @neanderthalis
Credits: linuxbcn, irbypace & neanderthalis

What made you fall in love with the Diana F+?

“The images have a unique look. You can play around with settings and accessories to reflect your style of photography.” - Denise Grays
“Its dreamy pictures and versatility.” - @mllev
“For someone as indecisive as me, the fact that the Diana F+ has so many accessories makes it the perfect camera for me.” - @xbalboax
“For me there is one word that really defines the Diana F+: Versatility! It is what made me fall in love with this classic beauty and also my favourite Diana feature.” - @ululchen
“Its creative possibilities and serendipitous results” - @tashbar
Credits: Denise Grays, mllev, niceaddress, xbalboax, ululchen, and tashbar
“Within the first roll that I shot with my first Diana F+ I was smitten. The dreamy quality of even the dullest of compositions is a leaping point for future inspirations...” - @merge
“A cool-looking toy camera that throws unexpected and surprising images.” - @tere
“I love with the Diana vignette.”- @opon21
“You can customize it yourself which is exciting!” - @chant0m0
“Its blast from the past aesthetic.” - @beckysmeckysmoo
Credits: merge, tere, opon21, craigramsden, chant0m0, beckysmeckysmoo|

What is your favorite Diana F+ feature?

“My fave feature is double exposures and the dreamy blur and vignettes.” - @londongoth
“The ease and unpredictability of light leaks.” - @koduckgirl
“I love how the Diana F+ focusing setting is. It helps me to create all that intentional blurry look that I've adore since day one.” - @adi_totp
“My favorite features are the glamorous lenses and the possibility to shot in pinhole mode.” - @drumfire
“The possibility to change lenses (38mm and 75mm are my favorite) and turn it into a pinhole camera.” - @-dakota-
Credits: londongoth, pearlgirl77, koduckgirl, adi_totp, drumfire & -dakota-
“The hot shoe adapter so I can shoot with any flash or wireless speed light and the Diana+ Premium Glass Lens to achieve the sweet spot of sharpness in my images.” - @clownshoes
“I love the flash with the gel filters because you can create amazing effects with double exposures.” - @measureininches
“I love the special Diana filters, like the peppermint filter of the Diana Meg, for creative experiments. The frame of the 10 Years of Diana Edition is also perfect for special shots.” - @candeeland
“Multiple exposures coupled with Diana’s flash and colored filters—perfect for any party!” - @jackdoc
“There are many, but double exposure is one of the most important features to me because it allows me to be more creative and I get to experiment while having fun with it. Aside from the double exposure function, I love the shutter lock for long exposure, which I used to use a lot, and also love my Glass Lens!”- @satomi
Credits: clownshoes, measureininches, dopa, candeeland, jackdoc & jeabzz

10 years of these wonderful images and insightful tales inspired us to open a new chapter to the ever-colorful history of the Diana F+. We're excited to see the magical memories you'll capture in an instant with the Diana Instant Square!

Are you a true Diana F+ lover? Share your story on what makes this charmer of a camera your favorite sidekick!


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