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There’s no denying master Ansel Adams’ place in the hearts and minds of large format landscape enthusiasts and photography fans all over the world. He’s one of those virtuosos that many of us want to know and get lessons from. His was a story of finding perfect harmony with vision and passion — Adams was a pursuer of creative exploits and refined artistry.

© Jack Edwards Gallery on eBay

That’s why it’s not a surprise to us that one of his vintage prints is up for sale at such a hefty amount. After all, this is the work of a master and t’s basically priceless. We’ve been following this eBay posting by seller Jack Edwards Collection for a while and it would be a disservice to not to share its story with you.

© Jack Edwards Gallery on eBay

Beautifully preserved and well taken care of, this gelatin silver print of Maroon Bells can be yours for USD 145,000 (earlier post from The Phoblographer listed it at USD 154,000, price dropped). No, there’s no error in the figures and your eyes are good. That’s to be expected from such an important piece of photography history. Imagine having this print hanging on your wall, now that would be a statement piece.

© Jack Edwards Gallery on eBay

The original owner of the print was Dr. Allen White from The Weston Gallery. This beautiful print also comes with a signed letter from Ansel Adams himself, explaining some details about the print as requested by the previous owner. At the bottom right of the print lies a signature from Adams further seals the authenticity of the print.

For what their worth, vintage prints from the landscape master are very hard to come by. So, any takers?

Information sourced from The Phoblographer and eBay.

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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Look like an invitation article for Picasso/van Gogh/Affandi 's work 👍

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