Mini Yamaguchi on the Salad Days of Our Lives

If Neverland exists, we've all probably flown toward the second star on the right. We all value or youth and days as children and young teenagers, still uncorrupted by the sad and ugly truths in the world. That's why Japanese photographer Mini Yamaguchi tries to save those moments.

Images by Mini Yamaguchi

Mini's interest in photography began when she was seven years old, and grew fond of the camera enough to make a passion out of it. She started using film when she got impressed by a CD jacket of an album by her favorite artist. With the use of a medium format camera, she shoots.

Images by Mini Yamaguchi

Her subjects often comprise of people around her of the same age or those younger than her. She tails them to get a slice of their lives. She's keen on lighting for painting her atmosphere and temperature, and most importantly, the expressions of her subjects.

“I really like to see their feelings or changing minds of young people before being adults because those feelings always remind me nostalgia, heartache, and love.” she told Lomography Magazine. Spring and summer seasons seem to be her favorites as she applies the concept of ”mono no aware” or the beauty of impermanence very well through cherry blossoms and nature.

Her inspirations come from Japanese photographers Miho Kakuta, Orie Ichihashi, Hideaki Hamada and Michio Hoshino. She also looks up to French street photographer Robert Doisneau. Mini described herself as a photographer of babies and kids, as well.

Images by Mini Yamaguchi

Visit Mini's Instagram for more of her works.

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