Basking in the Beauty of Blue Hour

Just a few minutes before sunrise and after sunset, the sky is cast in beautiful shades of blue. It's called the Blue Hour, and depending on weather conditions and location, different warm colors can come into play, too. It occurs when the sun dips below the horizon and indirect sunlight projects a blue shade.

Credits: fotobes

Taking photographs during this time is quite easy because there's no harsh lighting to deal with. The Lomo LC-A+ is a fantastic choice for shooting in this time frame. Because it's an auto-exposure camera, you don't need to worry about your photos being under- or over-exposed.

Credits: jaunman, misu_1975, maduz, zark & nschaefer

Landscapes and beaches are perfect subjects if you're aiming to capture a calming, serene mood. During blue hour the soft light won't cast any shadows, so you can get creative by shooting silhouettes and reflections in the water instead. It also helps to use a high ISO film and to keep your Lomo LC-A+ steady, so that your shots are sharp and shake-free.

Credits: bccbarbosa, takezzo, gionnired, nigelk & myahcat

Cityscapes make great subjects too. The deep blue sky forms an awesome backdrop for street scenes warmed by city lights. Experiment by switching on the MX mode of your Lomo LC-A+ and shoot double exposures, or try shooting from different angles. With such a compact, fuss-free camera, you'll be capturing magical Blue Hour scenes in no time!

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