Monday Moodboard: Hustle and Bustle

Weekdays seem entirely the worst after a whole weekend of relaxation! You yearn for peace and quiet, the comfort of your bed while being idle. Everybody wants that. When Monday begins, we want nothing more but to crawl back into our nests and blankets. So, how about battling the weekday grind with a pair of artistic eyes? See your mundane walks, crazy commutes and urban rush in a different light. Take out your camera and catch whatever lies ahead of you. The motion and noise can be beautiful.

Credits: _wool_x, frenchyfyl, mizzfonky, tanono, lawypop, permafrost, mahani, andycurtis, panelomo, wil6ka, abcdefuck, choko3, hodachrome & lomoluke

2018-06-04 #culture #street-photography #monday-moodboard

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