Cool Camera-Themed Projects Inspired by the Diana

Cute, crafty, and collectible. These nifty projects inspired by the Diana are as charming as the real deal.

TOUGHIE papercraft © Mel Stringer

It’s not hard to imagine why these talented artisans chose the Diana as their muse — it’s just a stylish camera. Fans of the Diana can spot the classic turquoise and black colorway with a quick look. Actually, the design is so iconic that it’s been recreated again and again by artists.

TOUGHIE papercraft © Mel Stringer

Some of the cool projects we chanced upon are these printable 3D paper cameras by Australian artist Mel Stringer. It’s a DIY camera named TOUGHIE and it comes in a variety of colors and designs. It's the perfect gift for camera and craft lovers alike!

Diana camera bag © Happy Sew Lucky

Stylish and useful, this Diana-inspired camera bag by Happy Sew Lucky will definitely turn heads. Berene, the maker behind the project also made an easy-to-follow tutorial so other people can give it a go.

Wool, Camera, Action necklaces © Naju

Another project we found are these woven wool Diana necklaces made by Behance artist Naju. You can flaunt your love for the Diana and be fashionable at the same time with these little trinkets.

Diana camera plushie © Honey In The Sun Goods

Last but not the least, rest your head and dream about analogue adventures with this plush pillow from Honey In The Sun Goods. It features a nice Diana camera print in the front that will fit nicely into any camera enthusiast’s home.

How about you? Have you spotted other Diana-inspired projects? Comment down below and share your unique finds!

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