More Photography Challenges To Try On Your Next Analog Adventure

In a creative rut or just looking for exciting projects? Here is a list of simple photography challenges you can try with your current gear with inspiration from our creative community of Lomographers.

The One Object Challenge

Get the hang of your gear and your film when you play with perspectives and photograph the same subject from different angles.

Credits: wil6ka

The Photo Essay Challenge

Exercise your creative eye and explore storytelling when you work on a photo essay. Take heed of this personal essay by Lomographer @bonifacy_bonifacy:

Credits: bonifacy_bonifacy

The Hockney-Style Photo Collage Challenge

Created in the 1980s by British artist David Hockney, the Hockney-Style Photo Collage is about taking multiple images that form one main image — exactly like a collage but involves exercise for familiarization of gear and conceptualization.

Credits: tommykarate, ranna & arthursoptic

written by crissyrobles on 2018-09-30

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