Pinhole F Camera by Ray Panduro

There’s really no end to creativity when you’ve got inspiration everywhere. Take this neat-looking pinhole camera for example. It’s made entirely out of cardboard and was made by photography enthusiast Ray Panduro.

Pinhole F pinhole camera inspired by the Diana © Ray Panduro

Ray isn’t a stranger to making his own cameras from scratch. One of his previous creations is a pinhole camera also made out of cardboard. Aptly named Pinolga, the paper pinhole camera takes the shape of the classic Holga and shoots on medium format film.

Pinhole F pinhole camera inspired by the Diana © Ray Panduro

It’s obvious that Ray was just stretching his creative muscles when he made the Pinolga since his next creation just ups the ante. He has since leveled up his crafting skills to bring us a more finished and elegant piece in the form of his Diana pinhole camera.

Pinhole F pinhole camera inspired by the Diana © Ray Panduro

While it looks good on paper (get it?), Ray’s new Diana pinhole camera shoots perfectly fine. A quick rundown of its specs reveals that it has a 40mm focal length, an aperture of f/150, and it uses medium format film to create moody and soft focused photographs.

Photos taken with the Pinhole F © Ray Panduro

Sample photos from Ray’s Pinhole F camera show that the camera works fine and is capable of producing images with remarkable vignetting, contrast, and clarity. We’re really amazed at the handiwork of Ray. Just imagine the planning and craftsmanship poured into his project.

© Ray Panduro

Ray also made a few pinhole cameras that followed his Diana-inspired Pinhole F. Some of his newer projects include a Sardine 35mm pinhole camera, the PinholeBlad that takes design hints frm the Hasselblad, and the Brownie Pinhole inspired by the Brownie Hawkeye.

If you’re interested in Ray’s amazing cardboard cameras, you may head over to his website for more.

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