LomoAmigos: Gracie and Rachel with the Simple Use Camera

The monochromatic pop duo Gracie and Rachel took the Simple Use Camera in Black and White to photograph some of their shows and recordings. Their unique look of black and white is a direct reflection of the lightness and darkness in their music. We got a chance to talk to Gracie and Rachel about their experience with the camera and music.

Hi Gracie and Rachel, can you introduce yourselves to the magazine?

Hello! We are Gracie and Rachel and we're psyched to be here, thank you for having us.

How'd you both get into music?

Gracie began playing piano at a young age and got into songwriting through life events that inspired composition, the death of a friend, being one, and wanting to tell that story through song. Rachel got into violin at a young age, playing classical works and committing her life to the study and practice of music.

You have such an iconic look and feel to your music sporting the black and white, can you speak to us a little bit about why you choose monochromatic looks?

Thank you! We're just drawn to contrasts, classical fusing with contemporary, inner conflicts we experience on a daily basis, how darkness battles the light but also dances with it -- those are things and ideas that are interesting to us, so using black and white in our visual world is just a way for us to illustrate those concepts.

What challenges present to you two being women in the music industry, especially in our current social climate?

It's safe to say we encounter skepticism in the industry we're in across the board, whether it's being met with people who presume we don't know how to run our own show or it's people who are shocked we have something of substance to say, but it's actually moments like those that fuel us. We just get louder, more passionate, and ten times more determined to tell our story and hopefully the stories of many other women, struggling to be heard and respected in their work.

What about photography do you enjoy?

The ability to understand the person behind the lens just as much or more than what's actually in the frame.

How was it working with the Simple Use Camera?

It was sweet! We enjoyed the light feel but also how it felt more complex and focused than your typical disposable camera. Also being able to reload is such a fun feature!

Did you enjoy having more of a form of documentation of your tour?

Always! It's refreshing when there are other interesting ways of capturing images on the road, away from the smartphone culture of documenting. Having a roll of film, as opposed to unlimited space, to capture moments can create a more thoughtful experience of documenting.

What can we expect to see from you both in the future?

Potentially some glimpses into color. But likely, more black and white, more contrast, more resolution... Feeling punny. Stay tuned!

You can see more of Gracie and Rachel on their Instagram and listen to their record. The Simple Use Camera in Black and White is available on our Lomography Online Shop.

written by sarahlindsayk on 2018-07-29 #gear #people

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