Shoot Spontaneous Summer Scenes in Four Frames

Road trips, pool parties, beach barbecues — are you excited for summer? It’s a sizzling season to kick off your shoes, let loose, and have carefree fun. With all the hot action going on, we’re sure you want to capture absolutely everything on camera. So don't settle for just one shot — make it four in one print with the Actionsampler.

Credits: alexroarsatlyons

This four-lensed camera is called Actionsampler for a reason — it captures four sequential shots in one photo, so it's really fun to use when your subject is in motion. It's a fixed focus, fixed aperture camera which doesn't require a special technique. Just press the shutter button and it’ll make a whirring sound, indicating that the four lenses are in action.

Credits: alexroarsatlyons, disdis & erkafirnigel

Alternatively, if you want to take self-portraits you can do simple movements, such as twirling around as you click the shutter or by moving your hand that's holding the camera. Make silly faces, wink, laugh, do a goofy smile. Any subtle change will be captured in four frames, so make it quick as you take a picture.

Credits: little-doll, mini-warning, jillpossible & hstevens1

While it's super fun to spend summer memories with the Actionsampler, remember that it isn’t waterproof, so be careful when you're splashing around with your pals!

Credits: alexroarsatlyons

Like you, we're stoked about the summer sun and surf! Take an Actionsampler with you on your escapades and upload your best shots to your LomoHome. Don't have an Actionsampler yet? Get one now from our Online Shop or a Gallery Store near you!

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