Dressing the La Sardina DIY in Tropical Fashion: An Interview with Musya Qeburia

There are many words to describe born-and-raised Georgian creative Musya Qeburia, and one of those is expressive. The artist's been known for her colorful street art and murals such as in Argo Factory, Cosmic Girl - Fabrikaffiti 2017, wall paintings in offices, paintings, illustrations and more. Apart from her versatile skillset in art and design, she's also a handicrafts enthusiast. This time, she chose to dress up the minimalist La Sardina DIY as she incorporates her popping colors that remind us of summer.

Learn how she designed the La Sardina DIY through this interview.

Hi Musya! Tell us about yourself and your projects.

I am a graphic designer working with different mediums of art, such as interior and exterior wall paintings, murals, digital illustrations, etc. But my main occupation is wall painting and street art. I am a freelancer and mostly I work with a private project by commercial companies or individuals. I also had an opportunity to work on some issues related to social topics. Despite employment-related projects, I also have my private artworks series of digital and canvas art.

What is your vision with your art? What kind of message are you trying to send to your audience?

I am trying to create something very contemporary and up-to-date visual works. Currently, I am obsessed with plans, tropical flora, and highly colorful images. I also try to be sensitive toward going social issues and create activist artworks when I feel that it is necessary. So I am trying to comply visually expressive style with a meaningful content of different social as well as life issues.

What was your first impression when you heard about the project and cooperation with Lomography? Why were you interested in the La Sardina DIY and what was your first impression of the camera?

The first thing that paid my attention was a minimalist shape and form of the object. I got inspired by its light texture and esthetical visual form which mesmerized me from the beginning. Considering the fact that I like a lot to experiment with different textures, materials, and mediums of art, I got excited by this project and the idea of cooperation. I thought that it would be a really interesting challenge to participate and contribute to the Lomography project.

What was the inspiration for your La Sardina DIY? What does it mean?

Currently, I am obsessed with flora, geometric forms, and minimalism. So, as soon as I saw LA Sardina DIY, first that come in my mind was to decorate it with these visuals. But I also did not want to lose the original look/shape of the DIY. So I decided to match the decoration with the original shape of DIY and create a perfect synthesis of artwork.

Do you have a name for your La Sardina DIY design?

I think ‘Tropical Sardina' would be a suitable name for this model.

Where or who would you like to capture with your La Sardina DIY anything real or virtual/

I would like to visit all botanical gardens of the world and capture all the tropical plans existing in the earth. This trip I would start with Royal Botanical Garden Kew in the United Kingdom.

Can you share some creative tips for aspiring artists?

It is hard to give any concrete tips because we all are individuals with heterogeneous tastes and aspiration. From my point of view, the one and the most important is to do what you really love (sorry for sounding cheap), work as hard as possible and break all boundaries of creativity, imagination and given standards. It is crucial to seek the inspiration in every moment and in every detail, not stand still but act.

Visit Musya's website, Behance, Instagram and Facebook for more of her works. Mark your La Sardina DIY with your own aesthetics, available at the Online Shop and Gallery Stores worldwide.

Lomography Georgia teamed up with artist Musya Qeburia design the La Sardina camera to support Lomography Georgia and Georgian Artists for Vertiando # Avto, Waiting for You, Join Us a campaign for 17-year-old Avto Kiknaveelidze's spinal cord injury rehabilitation course. Musya's one and only La Bea Sardina is priced at 450 GEL. For purchase, contact Merab Kiknavelidze through 01019024633.

Payment (of any currency) may be made via:

Receiver: Merab Kiknavelidze
Bank of Georgia (bank code BAGAGE22)
Account Number: GE44BG0000000035929400
(Intermediate Banks: Commerzbank Frankfurt, Germany; SWIFT: COBADEFF Citibank NA New York, USA; SWIFT: CITIUS33)
TBC Bank (bank code TBCBGE22)
Account Number: GE59TB7465345062100003.

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