Places to Go for Traveling Lomographers: Coney Island Beach & Boardwalk


Many photographers and travelers flock to New York City due to the many possibilities and opportunities. Every corner and every end is a destination worth visiting. But if you're looking for an alternative taste of Big Apple, take a juicy bite with Coney Island Beach & Boardwalk, seated in Brooklyn.

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Within the reach of busy and smoky Manhattan, you'll find yourself in a summer haven with three miles of sandy beaches. The best thing about this leisure-filled neighborhood is it's filled with entertaining attractions, meant for people who want to unwind and experience something fun without the long drives, flights, and expenses to summer-favorite islands down the Carribean.

Our very own Stéphane Heinz a.k.a. @vicuna described the place as a perfect spot for momentous happenings and varied subjects:

“Coney Island is a cool place for a taking some photos: the boardwalk is a perfect scene to shoot as there’s always something happening with a lot of different kind of people, and the beautiful beach is worth of spending time at any moment of the day to achieve great pictures and enjoy the scenery.”

Martynas Katauskas a.k.a. @duffman sees Coney Island Beach & Boardwalk as a playground. There are several amusement parks in the pier with antique rides as historical landmarks. The old 1920-built Wonder Wheel at Deno's Wonder Wheel Amusement Park, The Cyclone rollercoaster in 1927 which is the oldest wooden coaster still in operation, and the closed Parachute Jump that was built in 1939 are among the photo-priorities to in your list.

“All of them are pretty different. Most of the craziness happens in the Promenade but all of the spots are worth visiting.”— Martynas Katauskas (@duffman)

He suggested that the best time to visit the place is during Saturday afternoons and evenings. According to @duffman, there are also some notable dates and events you should keep tabs on.

“Meanwhile, the biggest and most interesting happenings through the year are the polar bear swim on 1st of January, the hotdog eating contest, the mermaid parade, and of course, the 4th of July!” he said.

If you're not up for the adrenaline rush with theme and amusement parks, no worries, you can simply enjoy the photogenic open skyline and the public beach.

Credits: vicuna, tiano, duffman, hakimbo05, pinksakula & collegelover

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