Recap: This was our LomoWalk in Beacon, New York

Beacon, New York, is one of those places everyone loves! It has a charming character, a big art scene, beautiful houses and nature. Therefore, we were not surprised when a young film photographer reached out to us and told us he wanted to organize a LomoWalk.
We were all for it!

Birgit Buchart

Photographer Matthew Alexander found out online that there is a big interest in film photography in his hometown, yet he hadn't had the chance to connect with these people. That's when he had the idea that a LomoWalk would be perfect to bring this community together offline, while celebrating their common interest in film photography as well as the love for their wonderful town.
We joined too, of course, packed some cameras and film and hopped on the Metro North train along the Hudson. The LomoWalk followed the beautiful Main Street, West to East, all the way down to the Fishkill waterfalls.

Here is our gallery from this beautiful LomoWalk, taken with a variety of Lomography Cameras and film:

Minolta 3000i with Lomography Color Negative 100

Matthew Alexander
"After living in New York for 22 years, I never once heard of “Beacon”. After some years of traveling the East Coast, I decided to return to the Empire State and very fortunately landed in this beautiful Hudson Valley town. Immediately upon arrival in Beacon last fall - I knew this would be a great little town to live in. There is creativity in the air - a booming music & arts scene, plenty of opportunity to be inspired and develop my skills and interest in photography.
As I dabbled into photography, I picked up a cheap Minolta 35mm camera at a local antique & collectibles store, and started playing around with different films. It wasn’t long before I found myself actively participating in the online Lomography community, and bought a ton of different Lomography toys. After having so much fun playing with different styles and approaches, I decided trying to host a LomoWalk of my own would be a great experience and networking tool to meet some like-minded artists in the Hudson Valley." - Matthew Alexander

Minolta 3000i with Lomography Lady Grey 400

Matthew Alexander


Tom Conroy
"I have enjoyed photography every since I was a kid with a cheap Kodak instamatic camera in the early 1970s. I finally switched over to digital photography in the early 2000s. But I am glad to see that film photography has not completely disappeared. After purchasing a Diana F+ camera at Dream in Plastic in Beacon (but only really using it once) a while ago, I was happy to be invited this Spring to join a Lomography walk on Main Street. I enjoyed meeting some fellow photographers and learning about their experiences. There was a great sense of adventure in using a film camera, particularly one like the Diana, and not knowing exactly what the end result would be. I see so much potential in this approach to photography and look forward to more of it." - Tom Conroy

Lomo'Instant Wide

Birgit Buchart

Lomo LC-A+ & Lomography Color Negative 400

Birgit Buchart
"It is so much fun to take a walk with strangers, when the only thing you know about them is that they share your passion for photography. That shared interest makes the interaction so much more comfortable and connects you right from the start. It's especially interesting to find out what objects, houses, moments and things catch their attention when walking together. That way you get to experience a lot of different perspectives. Beacon was a wonderful place for the Lomowalk, it's super photogenic. I had a great time at the walk, met a bunch of interesting and talented people and took home some great memories on 35mm." - Birgit Buchart

Lomography Sprocket Rocket with the Lomography Redscale

Matthew Alexander

Thanks to everyone for joining the LomoWalk and for creating as well as sharing their shots with us.

written by birgitbuchart on 2018-06-16 #gear #culture #places

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