Switching Between Square Scenes with the Diana F+


The Diana F+ is the queen of versatility when paired with accessories. Today, we're focusing on the different ways to switch up your square perspectives.

Credits: jennson

Capture Every Detail

For head-turning images, some subjects require a wide perspective: a vast expanse of the sea, a sprawling field, a street snap, or the vanishing point of an architectural structure'. This is where the Diana F+ 38 mm Superwide Lens lens attachment comes in handy. Pop it on your Diana F+ and see a wider view, with all the details in one cool square photo.

Credits: moodification, adash, lomography, erikamentari, fivedayforecast, joseman & warning

Create a Softer Look

With radiant colors, moody vignetting and a soft-focused look, the Diana F+ transforms photos into dream-like scenes. If you're aiming to soften the effect and enhance the vignetting, attaching the Diana F+ 110 mm Telephoto Lens will help.

Credits: jennson, anarchy, ihave2pillows & disdis

Get a Little Closer

Edge a little closer to your subject with the Diana F+ 55 mm Wide and Close-Up Lenses! They’re perfect for taking intimate portraits and capturing intricate details.

Credits: negativopositivo, moodification, megzeazez, jahwil, marie1706, heavenkot & lomography

Shoot a Circle in a Square

If you fancy a 180° of view packed with the same radiant effect that the Diana F+ is known for, then attach the Diana F+ 20 mm Fisheye Lens and shoot amazing circular images in one square photo.

Credits: iactivism, xabimetal_13, cla_baesso, patrix & carolinep008

2018-06-14 #gear #diana-f

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  1. tomasoma
    tomasoma ·

    I love the 38mm super wide lens !!!

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