A Life in Landscapes - Photography by Yusuf Wiryonoputro


Lush skies, flowing waters, and warm light found their home in the images of Indonesia-based photographer Yusuf Wiryonoputro. He makes stunning landscape photographs using his film camera with nothing but love for the process and admiration for the view.

© Yusuf Wiryonoputro

We spotted his work while scouring the net for inspiring photographers and we were just swept away by the beauty of his images. He calls his work “a learning experience” and it's easy to see why — there's something enriching about wanting to learn how to capture these beautiful scenes on celluloid.

© Yusuf Wiryonoputro

These landscape shots are just a preview of what Yusuf sees on the regular. He makes landscape photography look so easy and inviting. Well, if you're passionate enough about your work then we guess it will all come naturally. We particularly love the blending of the colors and how natural light makes everything appear so real.

© Yusuf Wiryonoputro

Sand between your toes, the cool wind brushing against your skin, the faint warmth of the setting sun, the smell of the sea — all of these sensations come tumbling in wave after wave. You know you've seen a beautiful photograph (composed and taken with love for the craft) when it makes you think and feel.

We would like to thank Yusuf for giving us permission to use his images and for being kind enough to curate a batch of photos shot on Velvia 50, Velvia 100, Provia 100f, and Agfa Precisa CT-100 for publishing. If you're interested in Yusuf's work, you may head over to his profile and Instagram for more.

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    Slide films for the win! :)

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