Embracing the Beauty of the World with Photography - Images by Christopher Burkett

Christopher Burkett has been making photographs since 1975. With his wife Ruth by his side, Christopher roamed the United States in order to look for amazing views. He's scaled mountains, crossed rivers, and waited patiently for the perfect shots in hopes of sharing them with everyone. His story is both inspiring and educational.

© Christopher Burkett

Photography isn't just a job for Christopher, it's more of a calling. That may sound cliche but that's one of the most accurate ways to describe it. Burkett left his life as a brother in a Christian order to pursue photography. His aim was to share the beauty of the world through his images. It still is. He did just that with his large format photographs that are filled with beautiful details. Light and color played in perfect harmony and Christopher continues to share that gift with his audience up to this day.

© Christopher Burkett

On the technical side of things, Christopher is a master when it comes to creating images with his camera. Like other large format photographers, he prefers to use his 8x10 camera wherever he goes out. The environment serves as the inspiration for his work. Inside the darkroom, Christopher further improves upon his work with masterful developing and enlargement techniques. He makes sure that every detail is meticulously attended to as he dodges and burns each image to perfection. Watching him work on his images is entertaining as it is enriching on a photography standpoint. His approach to making images can be described as clean, calm, and collected and it shows on every image he's ever produced.

© Christopher Burkett

Christopher's photographic paper of choice is Cibachrome (also known as Ilfochrome) and his technique in printing with it is second to none. With dedication, passion, and technical expertise, he is able to bring out colors and other visual elements that are just plain bewildering. What he sees out on the field, he aims to bring to his viewers gladly and with much joy. Every print that goes through his hands are not just plain images. Instead, they're unique masterpieces from a craftsman who's dedicated many years of his life to his art.

Tapestry of Creation © Christopher Burkett

We look forward to seeing more masterful work from Christopher in the coming years. Here’s to a skillful craftsman who creates excellent work inside the darkroom and out on the field. Cheers, Christopher!

Christopher Burkett is a large format photographer based in the USA. His expert work with Cibachrome is recognized throughout the country and overseas. All information and images found in this article were used with the artist's permission. If you're interested in Christopher's work, you may head over to his website for more.

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