Take Stunning Photos With a Camera That You Built Yourself

Building your own camera is not a new concept. Photographers have been making their own pinhole cameras since the earliest days of photography and taking lovely soft-focused images with their creations. But have you ever heard about assembling a 35 mm SLR camera? Well, allow us to introduce you to the Konstruktor F, the world's first 35 mm do-it-yourself camera.

Credits: joecool

Imagine how cool it would be to shoot photographs with a camera that you built yourself! The Konstruktor F is a great project to do on days when you're feeling extra crafty and have some time to spare. It's also a fun activity to share with friends and family who are curious about how an SLR camera works.

Credits: david1981, lostlittlekid & joecool

After you've finished building your very own SLR camera from the ground up, you can immediately start taking photos with it. Keep a variety of 35 mm film handy so that you can explore different effects. And speaking of effects, there are special accessories that you can use with the Konstruktor F, too. Invest in a Konstruktor Accessory Kit so that you can attach a standard hotshoe flash, or a Konstruktor DIY Close-Up and Macro Lens Kit which allows you to shoot as close as 15 cm or 5 cm.

Credits: maximsmajda, yuraak, oleman & david1981

The Konstruktor F has a PC socket that makes it compatible with any flash. But if you want to take photos without using a flash, remember to load a high ISO film if you're shooting indoors or at night. A tripod or any steady surface is also essential for shake-free shots.

Credits: davecmorrow, coloryan, david1981 & smolda

Have fun creating your very own 35 mm SLR Camera with the
Konstruktor F, available in our Online Shop and Gallery Stores worldwide. Don't forget to share your Konstruktor photos by uploading them to your LomoHome!


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