Retro-Futuristic Photo Collages by Philipp Igumnov


For the 27-year-old Russian artist and designer Philipp Igumnov, collages are more realistic than illustrations. Philipp thanks the Internet for making the scavenging of images easier, and through web surfing, he realized that many people before him have been producing beautiful pictures.

“I decided that I want to make pictures on the internet too. At that time I was drawing some strange creatures and quite abstract pictures with pencil but didn't have a scanner to digitize them and put into the wide web. So I downloaded random photo editor and started making images made of other different images,” said Philipp to Lomography Magazine.

Philipp takes huge inspiration from old postcards and sci-fi material, but music also forms the next images that would come into him: music by Olafur Arnalds, Sigur Ros, and Ben Frost get him to work. His goal is to create realistic visuals similar to worlds and elements found in old science fiction movies. Galaxies, spacemen, planets, black holes, spaceships and other gravity-defying realities are made.

“First I was trying to make them realistic, you know, to make them look like real photos. But recently I realized that handmade paper collages are looking even cooler and I can make something similar.” he added.

On his downtime, you'd find Philipp still watching, gazing, studying films and pictures. Check out more of his works:

Visit Philipp's Flickr for more of his works.

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