Monday Moodboard: A Sunny Palette


How do you brighten up your dull mornings? Every Monday seems predictable. Same routines, same pace, same grey suit-and-tie uniform as you head off to the office and ride the train. It's all the same. Monochromatic lives, we weekday warriors live by.

Monday don't have to be so bland. Maybe we just need a little color in our lives, revitalize our fighting spirits and renew our creative vision. Wear yellow for a week's worth of hope and joy, add a bit of blue for peace and stability. For this week's Monday Moodboard, we have the colors of the sun and sky as our stimuli.

Credits: jlovett, japsix, kleeblatt, smolda, lomonina, sheku, mackadoo, sobetion, evazhang, ishifishy, pearlgirl77, benedettafalugi, erikagrendel & nia_ffm

2018-05-28 #culture #color-photography #sunny-palette #yellow-and-blue

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