Diana Stories: Behind the Most Memorable Photos


With its retro chic design, the Diana F+ is surely a head-turner. But more than its charming looks, this lo-fi camera has become a staple in recording personal milestones, unforgettable trips, and even the day-to-day grind. In this special feature, Lomographers look back on their most memorable snapshots captured with the Diana F+.


Credits: awesomesther
"This photo was part of the first roll I ever did a "Doubles Project" with and it came to me in Singapore all the way from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil from @rodrigoalmeida!"
"I was new and extremely excited so I went about shooting as soon as I could. The thrill of shooting analogue is not being able to review the photos immediately but imagine the sights of another city I have never been, being captured in a tiny canister of film and flown all the way to sunny Singapore where I could add my images of my city! This is what's so exciting about Lomography and how it brings people together from across the globe."


Credits: ululchen
"First of all, I like photographing most while travelling and exploring new places, and I took this shot in Hong Kong, which remains one of my favorites out of all the places I visited. Moreover, I like taking double exposures with that 180° turn and I love it when it turns out so well. It is simple geometry."


Credits: koduckgirl
"I took this photo during a cruise between Hawaii and Bora Bora, with the passengers looking like they are on The Love Boat."


"I was in Vienna with my husband to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. We visit the well-known Prater where I took this beautiful picture with the great LomoChrome Purple film."


"I took this ages ago but still remains as one of my favorites. This was my first attempt at using the long exposure technique. My Lomo friends and I were in this dark room which was quite spacey. Since my friend has an electric guitar, I got this idea to do a random light painting all over his guitar. It kind of have that classic rock look because of that Gibson guitar. It was a collaboration really! It was fun because at that time we were bringing over our Lomography cameras so it was like a mini workshop. Good old Lomo times with friends!"


"It was taken about 10 years ago in Montauk, NY. I shot about four or five rolls that day with my Diana F+. If I remember correctly there was a big summer-themed rumble going on and figured what better place than Montauk to shoot for the competition. Unfortunately I didn’t win, but I came out with some really cool shots!"


Credits: linuxbcn
"It is really difficult for me to decide which photograph made with Diana is my favorite—I've done thousands. Today, I would decide for this. It is a photograph that I made with the Lomography Redscale 100. I know it is a film that is either hated or adored, there is no middle ground. For me, it is perfect to create that post-nuclear effect and get a really different atmosphere to reality. That yes, we must always overexpose the shot to get this result."


Credits: irbypace
"The Diana camera is a great tool for photographers that like to share film with each other as seen in this example. Through sharing film another photographer and I created this image which is an alien walking in a landscape. This photography captivated my imagination by showing me the visual narrative possibilities associated with the process of sharing film and using the camera."


"The story behind my photo involves friends visiting us while we still lived in Homestead, FL down the street from a very popular historic attraction call Coral Castle built in the 1940s single handed by an immigrant named Ed Leedskalnin. We carried our individual Diana F+ cameras that day and this photo of a Diana F+ Gold reminds me of those magic, mysterious, and moving moments we captured together."

Thank you to everyone who shared their fantastic stories and photographs! Do you have a favorite image captured with the Diana F+? Share those dreamy snapshots with us now and get a chance to win some Lomography films!

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