Santii and the Lomo’Instant Automat Glass

Santii is the new pseudonym of ex musical duo M + A, formed by Michele Ducci and Alessandro Degli Angioli. They chose to take instant photography with the Lomo'Instant Automat Glass to write a new chapter of their musical history.

Hello guys, welcome to Lomography! Could you please introduce yourself to our community?

Hi, we are Santii. A project created by Alex and me (Michele), that was born after the recording sessions at Taylor studio in UK and also after the collaboration with other artists, between 2017 and 2018.

Before this new project, called Santii, you were making music under the name of M+A. What has driven you to such a radical change?

The question that we asked ourselves was: Why not? Because we realized that everything was changing: the entire process of writing music became not only a matter between Alex and me but something between Alex, me and other ten artists. But if I have to be honest, the main reason is that we wanted to make the bubble of M+A explode because we noticed that if we wanted to do something new and good, we had to escape from illusions and discover something new.

The project Santii is designed as a TV series where your music and your videos evolve season after season, how was this idea born?

The idea was born together with the idea of changing the name. We wanted to escape from the classical approach of a band making an album with a title and so on. We wanted to make it as a TV series, a unique entity that reveals itself in different series. And it is also something about time because every season is different and we, probably, will be different. We try to remain one but at the same time a million of different things, without being schizophrenics.

For your new album, S01, you cooperated with several artists, like the producer Supah Mario, who wrote a song for Drake. How important is it to be able to share and mix different influences to grow as artists?

It is fundamental. If you learn to be able to mix and combine all the different influences that are around you, you are making the right thing, not only in music.

What is your relationship with photography? How was your experience shooting with an instant camera?

We don't have an artistic relationship with photography. I mean we have never used it as an art, but I have always been interested in instant photography because literally the word means: writing of light. I have always been fascinated by the fact that you can capture a part of reality on paper. The question how to place the picture in time and space and other things. Very interesting.

How do you like the Lomo’Instant Automat Glass?

We like it a lot because it is easy to use.

The world of music represents extremely well the dualism between analogue and digital technologies. On a side, there are the computers and digital music samplers, however, on the other side, there are recording and mixing devices that work directly on the music signal, without previous digital conversion. From the musician perspective, but also as graphic and video makers – since Alex takes care of the band's visuals and videos – which future do you see for the analogue world, especially in photography?

The main fact is to do something beautiful for you and for the other people. This comes before every other thing. About the future, I don't really know because I am not a photographer nor a prophet. I just think that we forgot that technology is more ancient than we think. We think in a language which is literally a technological invention.

You played the opening acts of Rejjie Snow's concerts in Italy, in the beginning of April and your album was released on the 25th of May. What will be next? A tour? Where?

We will play at Radar festival in Milan, June 9th. It is a very beautiful festival with a lot of great artists and one of them, Cakes da Killa, is also a guest in a song of S01. We are organizing the European tour and it will be great!!

Thanks guys for sharing this wonderful experience with the Lomo'Instant Automat Glass with us. Don’t miss the next concerts and follow Santii on Facebook and Instagram.

written by macilomo on 2018-06-07 #gear #people

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