Found in Translation: Feeling 'Morgenfrisk'!

The nights when we experience good, uninterrupted, nightmare-less sleep, is rare, but whenever we do, the morning after feels extra splendid. De-stressed and reenergized, we're ready to take on the blues of the weekdays and whatever lies ahead of us.

Ahh, how we wish every day we'll be feeling morgenfrisk!

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Morgenfrisk is a Danish adjective that literally means 'morning-freshness', and according to Adam Jacot de Boinod a British author of unusual words and The Meaning of Tingo: and Other Extraordinary Words from Around the World _morgenfrisk_is defined as the feeling of being "fresh from a good night's sleep".

Now, how does morgenfrisk look like? We think you're experiencing this feeling when you're wearing a sunshine smile in bed, or a soft gaze after waking up from sleep. It can also look like that vibrant, yellow aura surrounding you as you head outdoors to take over the world.

Here are some tips to feeling morgenfrisk every morning; stay hydrated before going to bed so your skin won't sag from humid evening. It's true when they said nothing beats a good night's sleep, because our bodies rest better in the evenings. So give up those late nights of staying up, and detach from any electronic device such as your mobile phone or tablet at least an hour before you go to dreamland. Lastly, to ensure your morgenfrisk morning, be smart about what you consume on evenings! That means limiting big meals, avoiding alcohol, sugary foods, caffeine, nicotine and refined carbs. How your eating habits are especially during nighttime will affect your body parts' functions.

To feel morgenfrisk is having to wake up with a glowing morning face, gleaming, lively eyes and healthy skin color, perfect for an instant selfie. Achieving morgenfrisk is very difficult, but when you do, the elated feeling should be captured. Waking up with the best bare face is so rewarding.

Sleep early now and wake up with a morgenfrisk aura!

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