The Art of the Splitzer


Using the Lomo LC-A+ Splitzer is an art in itself. And it’s super simple to use: all you have to do is slide it into the front grooves of your Lomo LC-A+ and you’re ready to start shooting a whole world of kaleidoscopic vistas!

How does the Splitzer work? Switch the Multiple Exposure mode on your Lomo LC-A+, twist the Splitzer's bladesto dictate exactly what appears on your photo. Take a shot, twist the blades again and take another.You can slice your photos into halves and even quarters! If you can imagine it, you can recreate anything. To illustrate, here are some ideas and Splitzer masterpieces taken by Community members.

Credits: juditto

Abstract Architecture

Achieve an abstract image with your architectural shots by taking a picture of a structure or building at various angles. Flip it, twist it, rotate it — no angle is too absurd for the Splitzer. For a kaleidoscopic effect, shoot more than two sliced-and-diced exposures. For a clean, sleek look, be on the lookout for skyscrapers with sharp angles with a backdrop of the sky.

Credits: smolda, atria007, gocchin, iambb_, paula412, trw, hodachrome & bloomchen

A Pair of Portraits

Double the fun by shooting twin portraits in one photo. Twist the blades into equal halves and flip the camera over before taking your second shot, or try different angles for each of your exposures. You can even use different color gel filters to tint your shots by simply taping a filter over the lens.

Credits: rudemuinho, patorayado, ishifishy, paula412, fisher-price & vita-reducta


It's really awesome to have the possibility to craft a picture that looks like snippets from a dream. An artistic escape where you can blend details that don't necessarily fit together, to form one otherworldly image. For a truly surreal effect, combine two (or more) contrasting images in your photo, as illustrated by these brilliant examples below.

Credits: bebopbebop, emilios, fotobes, lawypop, tb & buckshot

Think you’ve got what it takes to become a Splitzer star? Share your surreal masterpieces by uploading them to your LomoHome and don't forget to post the link in the comments box below!


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Lomo LC-A+

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