Spectacular Petzval Portraits from the Community

With its beautiful swirly bokeh, our Petzval 58 Bokeh Control Art Lens is increasingly becoming the go-to tool for portrait photographers all around the world. We had a rummage in our archives and scoured social media to find these incredible shots from Petzval pros! Take a look at how they've gently softened or intensified the swirl to create just the right mood for their frame.

Photos by Andrej Russkovskij
Photos by Carlos Navarrete and bertanxcan
Credits: ccwu
Photos by Mohamad Varshochi Monfared and Kris Karl":https://www.instagram.com/kriskarlphotography/?hl=en
Credits: duffman
Credits: anthonystone

We love showing off your incredible photography. That’s why we’ve started a hashtag that could land your snap in the spotlight! Post your Petval portraits on social media using any of the following hashtags #heylomography, #petzvalartlens, #petzval85, #petzval58, and your photos could be featured on our website, in one of our newsletters, or on our social media accounts. That’s an audience of millions!

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