Meet our LomoGuru: Kam Tom Yip (@lostlittlekid)


UK-based Lomographer Kam Tom Yip, popular in the Community as @lostlittlekid, is a master of quirky and out-of-the-box photographs. He expresses his fun-loving nature through bold colors and multi-layered portraits which usually features two things he loves: rubber ducks and masks. Seven years into the Community, he still remains as an active Lomographer, joining different meet ups and even managing an independent magazine solely dedicated to film photography. Today, we proudly welcome him to the LomoGuru club.

Tell us about yourself and what you do.

I'm a freelance photographer born and raised in the northern, grey skies of Manchester. I have a background in 3D visualization, illustration, and graphic design. I'm one of the founders/editors and the PR guy of Whattaroll, a project and magazine that promotes film photography. I also seem to have a slightly unhealthy fondness for rubber ducks.

Tell us something about your LomoHome’s name. Why did you decide to have that username? Or if that’s your actual name, what would be a different LomoHome name you’d like to have?

I took my username from one of my favorite films, The Iron Giant by Brad Bird. There's a scene where the main character, Hogarth Hughes, is trying desperately to convince the scrapyard owner to hide his newly found giant robot. He goes on to say how he's harmless and just lost, like a “little kid”. I liked the sentiment a lot and Hogarth's willingness to trust and help someone he didn't know or fully understand yet.

Credits: lostlittlekid

Share with us your most memorable experience in the Lomographic Community.

When I initially joined I was extremely intimidated to say the least. There was just so many amazing images but people like @adi_totp, @bebopbebop and @sobetion (LomoGurus themselves!) welcomed me and made me feel so at ease. My first film swap with @ediblestrange was crazy, as with all the others I've been involved in since. Having so many people play along with my duck thing, then going as far as to send me ducks and take duck photos all around the world is kind of nuts, too. Playing around with masks then finding out @feelux and @ponzi were doing just the same on the other side of the planet, then us all trying to outdo one another in our masked antics! Meeting my girlfriend here is kinda a big deal, I guess! Late night random talks and laughs with everyone namely @tall_bastard, @marta1901 and @_haustor with whom we formed Whattaroll. Winning Photo of The Day, seeing my photos on promotional material, winning rumbles and prizes…it all feels great! I feel extremely overwhelmed when it happens, but for me, simply being apart of such a great and open-minded community has given me the most memorable and most rewarding experiences and I couldn't possibly just name one.

Then there's this LomoGuru feature, as much as I feel it's a little undeserved, is pretty amazing too. So thanks Lomography for this and the countless friendships you helped me create over the years!

Credits: lostlittlekid

Have you actually met people in the Community that you now consider as close friends? If yes, name at least one of them.

The first ever Lomographer I met was Marta (@marta1901) in Madrid, Spain. It was a very last minute trip to see the band Local Natives and to launch our magazine. Marta, along with her family and friends, humbled me a great deal with their support and generosity during my stay there. It was such an amazing experience that I don't think it'll be an overstatement if I said it changed my life as I think it did.

A few years later I went back to promote Whattaroll once again and I got to meet another colleague/friend/Lomographer, the great @tall_bastard along with @duendedelparque and the mighty @atria007, too!

I also took part in the first Lomowochenende in Kassel, Germany which allowed me to meet many of my friends (as well as heroes!) such as @hafenperle, @zeester, @freakoftheweek, @nia_ffm, @vivie, @suizidekid, @pearlgirl77, @earlybird, @shoujoai, @mapix, @zonderbar, @stellastellar, @trash-gordon-from-outer-space, @faaabii, @frauspatzi, @kleinerkaries, @crincle among many more. I didn't speak a word of German at the time and they were the kindest, friendliest people I could ever dream to meet. @hafenperle with her perfect English accent, singing in the streets showing me around Hamburg with @freakoftheweek then @nia_ffm surprising me with the Elvis Super duck. I didn't know if she could tell at the time but it nearly brought me to tears. I was simply overwhelmed by it all.

I've surprisingly not met any Lomographers from the UK (yet) but I did met @feelux a few years ago when he was visiting Liverpool from the Philippines. It was a fun few hours with our masks and I got to meet him again along with @ponzi, @plasticpopsicle and some of the Lomography community when I visited Manila, too. All great, smart, and funny people.

I still have a lot more lomographers and friends I'm dying to meet so if you don't see yourself mentioned above, do get in touch if you find me nearby!

Credits: lostlittlekid

Do you think you’ll still be taking Lomographs in the next five years? Why?

If I'm honest, I don't know. I'm the annoying type that doesn't plan too far ahead and I think you caught me in a sort of hiatus at the moment. You could blame this on the crazy English weather conditions or personal problems of late but the truth is I'm not in a rush to make pictures. I don't think I have anything of value to say of lately, so I'm taking things as they come. I'll start again if the moment calls for it, but I don't think you necessarily have to take a photo to make something special, I value the experience more.

If however I do decide to stop, I think this feature is a nice bookend to my time as a Lomographer.

Credits: lostlittlekid

What is your favorite Lomography camera and why? Do you have any memorable experiences using this camera?

I'm not one for having favorites, but the LC-A+ has given me some great shots over the years and it's extremely versatile to use because of its small size. I'd love to try this with the Instant Back to see what I could come up with but fate has yet to let me own one as it's always out of stock or I'm out of pocket when it is available!

Please share with us your favorite Lomographic shot and explain why you love that particular image.

I think whether in failure or success, every shot of mine holds immense value as they remind me of a given time, place, or person. When I first read this question I few shots came to mind but in the end I settled on this picture with the bird mask.

Credits: lostlittlekid

I needed to finish off some film rolls and I had to return the mask I'd borrowed so I jokingly asked my mother if she wanted to help and model, but quite surprisingly she agreed! I don't think the shots took more than ten minutes as my mother had so much character—it was slightly surreal! Just imagine trying to take a photo of someone then from nowhere you hear “Hurry up! It's hot in here!” Only to be staring back at a giant bird head with a muted expression!

I’d like to thank my mum for inspiring me as well as putting up with my childish antics throughout the years!

Please share a Lomograph you wish you had taken and explain why.

This is really difficult. I could easily pick dozens of shots from anyone in this community, but if I had to choose, I'd say this snow scene by @satomi:

Credits: satomi

I think it's safe to say she needs no introduction and her work has always been exceptional, but what makes this shot so special is how timeless and unassuming it is. It's simply magical to look at.

What’s the best Lomographic or photography advice you think you have given?

“Every great idea is on the verge of being stupid."

If there’s one song or movie that best describes your Lomo life, which one is it and why?

I think the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a good fit for my time as a Lomographer. Like the title character I have been told I have a tendency of living in my head, thinking way too much and having maybe one too many regrets. Taking pictures and really embracing allowed me to really grow and feel comfortable in my own skin. Without it I would never have had the courage to venture off to the many places I've been to, mostly alone, meeting the many amazing people and experiences the things that I did.

Credits: lostlittlekid

Is there any advice you can give to new analogue shooters?

Be less afraid to do what you want to do, learn to be patient and just have fun. There's no better reason to do anything.

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