Walking on the Wild Side — Surrealist Photos Taken with the Diana F+

Absurd, bizarre, contradictory, dream-like — these are just a few words that can be used to describe surrealism. Contrary to the common belief that it is only found in paintings and visual media, the art movement's influence is actually widespread. Writers, sculptors, performers, and photographers also embrace surrealism as part of their creative work.

Credits: satomi

Surreal inspiration can be found almost anywhere. With the right visual elements, effects, and camera techniques, anyone can re-envision life and add dreams and hallucinations into the mix. Breaking away from reality can be as easy as hitting the shutter. The Diana F+ — with its much loved dreamy aesthetics and multiple exposure capability — lends itself to the surrealist style. You can conjure illusions, make hyper realistic montages, and juxtapose elements to follow your surrealist musings.

Credits: lawypop, sirio174, azurblue, roman_sekatsky & paramir

It’s in the DNA of the Diana F+ to be weird and playful. With its beautifully bewitching charm and unpredictable light leaks, the Diana F+ lets you break free from conventional, photographic molds. Surrealism is fluid in form — it's unconventional, unconscious, irrational. That's what makes it a powerful tool for self expression. And the Diana F+'s experimental nature only gives you more reasons to try it.

Credits: minilidia, mephisto19, gotoarizona, erika-pellicci & kpopbug

So go ahead, channel your inner Breton, Miro, Dali, Magritte, or Kahlo and walk on the wild side of life. Share your favorite surrealist shots with our Community and upload them to your LomoHome. Grab a Diana F+ at the Online Shop or a Gallery Store near you and surprise yourself as you challenge the conventional.

2018-07-16 #gear #surreal #diana

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