Veteran Lomographers on the LC-A Family: Malaysia's EVA_EVA


Putting motherhood first, Malaysian Lomographer @eva_eva has slowed down her analogue journey by a little bit. Nevertheless, she still captures her life's milestones in full film glory.

In this interview, @eva_eva shares her experience with the LC-A+ and LC-Wide cameras, claiming that she used them right at the beginning of being a Lomographer and still uses them to this day.

How did you become a Lomographer?

It's all started from a friend, who suddenly asked, "Have you heard about Lomography?" The conversations kickstarted my curiosity. To satisfy my curiosity, I did a lot of research online to found out it's a bunch of really cool analogue cameras. Tried out one roll with the Lomography Fisheye 2 and I was hooked. The roll turned out not that great, but what made me feel really excited is the unpredictable process of the analogue photography. You can’t predict exactly what you shoot, and the outcome of the films never failed to surprise me no matter it’s a good surprise or the other way round.

How was it using the LC-A+ and LC-Wide? Can you share with us which kinds of shoot/project you usually take the cameras for?

The LC-A+ & LC-Wide has been my favorite cameras for many years and still do after all these while. One of the reasons why I still bring them everywhere I go is that it’s really compact in size where I can always slot it into my handbag/backpack/diaper bag (haha!). I implement the great golden rule #1 “Take your camera everywhere you go" and it has subconsciously become part of my life since the day I pick up Lomography way back then. Another reason is that I’ve already got used to the cameras and they have always able to produce images that I’m looking for.

Ever since motherhood had become the priority of my life, the freedom to go out to shoot spontaneously has been decreasing drastically. Hence, one of the subject that I shoot now is my daughter (and sometimes my husband). Then again, when we get exhausted from everyday mundane life, we somehow find some time to go to some new places together. So most of my images now are either my little family or travel images. (Check attachment)

Any favorite photos? Why are they your faves?

My recent favorites are as of below:

I’ve always love capturing silhouette. Sometimes the lesser the details, the more you will focus on the subject. While we can’t see the face of my husband and my daughter here, but I remember they are having such a blast at the park the other day.
Likewise, this is the silhouette of me and my daughter, during the golden hour. As much as I can remember, the sun shines beautifully that day and we had tons of fun having my daughter stumbling around the park on her baby steps as she just started to learn walking that time. Children grow up very quickly, as much as I wish she’s small and tiny forever, they grow bigger in no time. These photos remind me that I will keep her close to carry her for as long as I can, for she will soon grow to be too heavy and big for us to do so.

Any tips about using the LC-A+ and LC-Wide?

Don’t think just shoot! There’s no particular tips but do remember the distance between the camera and the object/subject that you wanted to capture. I often time forget to set it correctly and ended up tons of blurry images which is really a waste. Other than that, just enjoy shooting without thinking too much. Since the camera is pretty compact and can easily operate without many settings, it’s perfect for the street shoot without gaining too much attention from the strangers.

Anything you want to say to Lomographers out there?

I miss you! I’ve been a lonely shooter for some time now and I do really miss meeting up with Lomography enthusiasts and have a Lomowalk together.

Thanks for the quick chat, @eva_eva! Give @eva_eva some Lomo Love and visit her LomoHome.

written by crissyrobles on 2018-09-26 #gear #lomo-lc-a

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  1. wil6ka
    wil6ka ·

    Eva is da bomb!

  2. beblo
    beblo ·

    ABOUT WHAT SHE SAID: "Another reason is that I’ve already got used to the cameras and they have always able to produce images that I’m looking for."
    My comment: After sometime, a person who takes pictures will be able to predict, what the outcome will be like.

  3. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    @wil6ka Hello Willie! :D How are you :)

  4. renaishashin
    renaishashin ·

    Veteran lomographer liao.. Pioneer batch!

  5. wil6ka
    wil6ka ·

    @eva_eva pretty good - time for me to head to asia soon :)

  6. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    @renaishashin Same batch with you! Hey buddy how's life? :D

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