Found in Translation: To Find the One You Will "Sarang"


The world is diverse and each of us are different, we all share the feeling that makes us humans so beautiful — sarang. In plain terms, sarang means ‘love’ in Korean. However, it’s a little more nuanced than that. Sarang is the word you will say when you’re ready to give it all. Gizmodo defined sarang as the word for “when you wish to be with someone until death”.

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See, not all loves are equal. When we say 'love' in English, it’s like one huge umbrella word for all other sorts of love that we feel. It's love when you taste your favorite food. It's love when you're in a relationship, or so we say. We call it ‘love at first sight’ when we feel butterflies in the stomach upon a chanced encounter. It's also love when we want to be with them, forever or for the moment. But when you say sarang, it's the oath you swear by on your whole being.

When you say “saranghae", a phrase that translates to “I love you", you are not just simply expressing your feelings of adoration and attraction. To say sarang is to mean a love that's ultimate, everlasting and unconditional. It's a promise. It’s the will to wait for forever, the driving force to break your limits, the desire to stay together lifetime after lifetime — all for that special someone.

Isn't it fascinating how other cultures give different nuances to a simple yet beautiful concept such as love?

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2018-05-25 #culture #sarang #found-in-translation

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