Golden Hour Tips for Daguerreotype Achromat Art Lens Photographers

If there's a particular time of the day that all photographers love, it would have to be the Golden Hour. A fleeting moment that nestles just after sunrise and just before sunset, during the Golden Hour everything appears dipped in varying and soft shades, ranging from glowing yellows to honey tones.

When exactly is the Golden Hour? While there isn't a specific time — as it varies depending on your location and season — you can usually catch it after the first hour of sunrise and the last hour before sunset. Take advantage of this dreamy hour and shoot with the Daguerreotype Achromat Art Lens, which is known for its silky-soft focus or crystal-clear sharpness, depending on your shooting style. It also allows you to play with different bokeh effects, which is creatively satisfying to explore during Golden Hour. Here are some tips if you're new to this premium optic!

Credits: Giulia Monocolli

Observe the Sun

It's a good idea to visit your chosen location a day before the actual shoot. This will allow you to scout where the sunlight hits, which will make it easier for you and your subject to discuss your concept and ideas.

Credits: Giulia Monocolli

Dive Into the Blue

Ever notice the moment before sunrise and sunset when everything is draped in blue? This period of twilight is called the "Blue Hour", and it lends a different kind of mood that is perfect if you want to evoke mysterious and ethereal tones. As you wait for the sun to dip your surroundings in gold, take advantage of the calming Blue Hour and shoot some cool photos.

Credits: Giulia Monocolli

Bring Out the Bokeh

Bokeh is the out-of-focus parts of a photograph rendered by the lens. Enhancing dreamy bokeh is one of the Daguerreotype Achromat Art Lens most loved qualities, so shoot at a wide aperture to bring out the beautiful bokeh. The Golden Hour is one of the best time to experiment because the golden sunlight will help to give an additional glistening effect to your backdrop.

Credits: Anna Rakhvalova

Here Comes the Sun

Because the sunlight is softer during the Golden Hour, you don't have to worry about harsh contrasts or blown-out details. With its diffused light, it will make skin tones glow so have your muse face the sun (no squinting required!) for front lighting. Choose back lighting, which means having the sun shine behind your subject, for a hazy effect. When you shoot from a lower angle, it is called rim lighting, which works exceptionally well with darker backgrounds as it creates a halo effect around your subject. Lastly, play around with different angles and have the sun hit your Daguerreotype Achromat Art Lens for beautiful sun flares.

Credits: Anna Rakhvalova

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